Moshiri Orthodontics Review

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Oct 2, 2012 | Posted by D.C.

I had been to initial consultations with several other orthodontists over the years, and had always wished that I had had braces as a teenager and gotten it over with when I was younger. But as unhappy as I was with my smile, I had never felt comfortable enough with any of them to actually "take the plunge". Luckily for me, my sister-in-law referred me to a new dentist, who in turn, referred me to Dr. Moshiri. As I went for my initial consultation, I still wasn't sold on whether or not I would opt to start the ordeal of braces, especially as an adult. However, I thought that I would go anyway, and see what Dr. Moshiri had to say. I am so glad that I did! Dr. Moshiri and his wonderful staff made me feel so comfortable about the entire process. Even as an adult, when it came to the idea of getting braces, I was a BIG CHICKEN! But from the first visit to the last, Dr. Moshiri and his staff were with me all the way. They were so good to explain the entire process and each step that I would go through. They also cheerfully answered my many questions, and made me feel as comfortable as possible with each visit. I am so happy with my smile now, and so glad that I never opted to go through the process with anyone else. I will highly recommend Dr. Moshiri and his staff to everyone I meet who is even half-way considering getting braces.