Dr Shuka Moshiri believes that expressing joy through laughter or a smile can be one of the most gratifying feelings in our lives! She takes great pleasure in building smiles her patients can proudly carry with them through life.

Dr Shuka completed her Master of Science in Dentistry at Saint Louis University Orthodontics. Her master’s thesis is entitled: Cephalometric Evaluation of Adult Anterior Open Bite Non-Extraction Treatment with Invisalign.

She has done research in dental school on the role of TGF-beta 3 in Cleft Palate, and for this research, she won the American Association of Oral Biologists Award. She was also awarded the Humana Foundation Scholarship in dental school, which is awarded to a student who exemplifies excellence in leadership.

Dr Shuka traveled to the Philippines in dental school with University of Louisville’s International Service Learning Program to provide free dental care to under served populations of Cebu.

She served as the Community Service Officer for 3 years during her dental school career. She organized and led projects designed to serve impoverished areas and help expose youth to the dental field.

She recently joined as the newest Moshiri orthodontist, continuing the family legacy of orthodontic excellence.