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Best Orthodontists!!!!!!!!!!!!

The office is very nice and the rewards program is a fun way to stay involved!

Moshiri Orthodontics is so much better than my old orthodontics. I get greeted at the door with a smile, and am always asked how life is going. Then when I sit down in the chair someone is always there. They are carful about how they measure and place my braces on and now make sure my retainer is comfortiable and fits well. They make sure I am not in pain and always ask if I have any questions. Moshiri Orthodontics, is by far the best place you could go to, "For a smile that lasts"

First appointment I expected to be really rough, but everyone was wonderful. My daughter is 7 and loved all the staff. Thai was so patient in getting a mouth mold and was very kind despite having to redo it. My child was treated like she was the most important person to everyone she met. Dr. Moshiri was very nice and explained to us everything we needed to do to improve our child's bite and promote proper spacing and alignment. Our child was sold on getting her first retainer and getting another cookie! The coordinator for our child's care was the nicest woman. I can tell everyone believed in the importance of early intervention and really wanted the young child to feel comfortable and special.

Thank you so much.